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Allscripts® Professional EHR is a Windows® based Electronic Health Record solution for workflow management & clinical documentation at the point of care.


Allscripts® Professional EHR Workflow Benefits

  • Provides sharable patient information in a paperless environment
  • Enables concurrent chart management across multiple locations
  • Supports on-call situations via remote access
  • Faster chart pulls & response to patient requests
  • Streamlines charge & billing processes
  • Increases patient flow through practice
  • Online messaging improves communications among staff & providers
  • Online lab results & prescription refill management

Allscripts® Professional EHR Clinical Documentation Benefits

  • E & M Calculator & overall documentation accuracy improves
    codingClick here for a screenshot
  • Chart legibility reduces medical errors
  • Clinical customizations without costly programming
  • Wireless devices enable point of care documentation
  • Better regulatory compliance & accountability
  • Builds documentation without typing or dictation
  • Reduces risk in event of audit
  • Secures patient information
  • Minimizes duplicate patient questioning
  • Advances disease management information
  • Creates aggregate data accessibility with graphable results

Allscripts® Professional EHR Cost Benefits

  • Reduces/eliminates new chart costs
  • Improves charge capture
  • Eliminates transcription costs
  • Increases revenue with health maintenance reminders
  • Reduces malpractice insurance premiums

Clinical Documentation

Problem Oriented Case ManagementClick here for a screenshot

  • Longitudinal patient summaries
  • Patient problems
  • History
  • Encounters
  • MedicationsClick here for a screenshot
  • OrdersClick here for a screenshot

Chart by Exception

  • Customizable templates
  • Data collected in SOAP formatClick here for a screenshot
  • Chief complaint & review of systems
  • Past medical history
  • Physical exam
  • Assessment & PlanClick here for a screenshot
  • Generates referral letters from chart note

Integrated Transcription

  • Voice & text annotations
  • Integrated Stedman's Medical Dictionary

Scanned Documents

  • Integrates hard copy documents into electronic chart
  • Attaches documents to encounter note

Patient Education

  • Integrated McKesson® Clinical Reference Systems patient education
  • On-line patient information resources

E & M Coding Calculator

  • Assigns appropriate E & M codes based on CPT coding structure
  • Automatically scores encounter notes using rules based on HCFA guidelines

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